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Solving Terrorism

Terrorist attacks highlight the phenomenon which lies at the base of terrorist attacks, namely, that only the death of someone, whom we consider belonging to us, makes us sad. We are not saddened by the death of someone who doesn't belong to us; not a member of our family, nation or religion. In fact the terrorist causes death and destruction of people who he/she doesn’t consider as belonging to him/her or mostly, the death of someone who he/she considers his/her enemy. The worst expression of this phenomenon is that the victim is considered an enemy of God. This is why terrorists who are Muslim cry “Allah Akbar” and others who say that God spoke to them and told them to do this.

If only human beings could love all mankind, in fact all sentient beings, nobody would dream of carrying out a terrorist attack or murder or making war.

I call on all mankind to love all sentient beings, at least all human beings.

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