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Mt Olives, The mountain, which the Psalmist sings "The mountains are round about Jerusalem as God is round about his nation.


The site of Biblical events, like the ascent of Elijah into heaven in a fiery chariot, the ascension of Jesus. The place where the dead will rise at the end of days according to Jewish and Christian.


Jesus met here with His disciples and looked out over the city where He would be crucified.

Mt Olives

Palm Sunday Walk

The path begins at the top of the Mt. of Olives and ends at the Garden of Gethsemane.


This is the path, according to Christian tradition, dating from the 4th century. when Christians began, for the first time to come to the Holy to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. The tradition continues to this day, with thousands of pilgrims, carrying palm branches, in accordance with the account in the Christian Scriptures of Jesus entry into Jerusalem. Today the path passes through an ancient Jewish cemetry, where tradition has it that the prophets are buried.

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Dominus Flevit

The Lord Wept is a church where the weeping of Jesus took place, when  He foresaw the destruction of Jerusalem.

The modern church stands on the site of the church from the 4th century. One can still admire the beautiful mosaic floor depicting the first fruits, pomegranates, grapes and figs, of the early church, and wonder at the same view as Jesus had of the Holy City.


The Garden of Gethsemane,


The garden of the olive press, where olive oil was pressed for annoiting the priests and lighting the lamps, such as the seven branched candelabra in the temple. This is a preview of the anniting of Jesuses as the king of kingdom of heaven which would take place at Calavary.


A church, the Church of All Nations has been built over the rock of the agony of Jesus.


The Kidron Valley

The deep ravine-like valley, carrying rain water to the city, today known as the City of David, the original site of Jerusalem.


Historically important as the valley that David crossed over when fleeing from his rebellious son, Absolom and later Jesus, under the escort of Roman soldiers, crossed over when He was taken to the house of Caifas, the evening before His crucificion.


kidron_valley jerusalem

Lion Gate

The gate on the eastern side of Jerusalem. Two lions decorate each side, symbols of Sultan Suleiman the builder of the walls in 1538. Pilgrims walking from the Mt. Olives enter through here and come to the pools of Bethesda and then to the stations of the cross. Moslem enter here to attend worship at the Al Aksa Mosque, especially on Fridays. One can also enter the Moslem cemetry from here and reach the Gate of Mercy. 


The Via Dolorosa

The road Jesus walked, carrying the cross from the Antonia Fortress to Calvary, 14 stations in all. Ecah commemorates and event on the path to calvary

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