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Petah Tikvah Memorial Park

Petach Tikvah Memorial Park

Sycamore Petah Tikvah Memorial Park

Petach Tikvah Memorial Park

petah Tikvah memorial park

Petach Tikvah Memorial Park

Olive Press Petah Tikvah Memorial Park

Petach Tikvah Memorial Park

Pelicans Sharon Reservoir

A reservoir in the Sharon Valley where pelicans gather each Summer

Solar collectors Sharon Reservoir

Sharon Valley Reservoir

Organic produce Havivian farm stall

Havivian Organic farming.

Old City View

Mt. Zion


Ruins from the time of the Roman Destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem in the year 70 CE


Menorah - symbol of Jewish Statehood from 3000 years ago

Dome of the Rock

Moslem Shrine built in the 7th century on the site of the Jewish Temple

via_dolorosa Jerusalem

Ecce Homo Arch - 2nd Station of the Cross

Western wall

Remains of a wall that surrounded the temple of 2000 years ago, built by Herod the Great

Western Wall Tunnel

A tunnel dug in recent years to enable visitors to see parts of the Western Wall that were covered for 2000 years, since the Roman destruction.

yad_vashem Korcak_memorial

Memorial to Janush Korcak, a Polish (Jewish) pedagogue who died with the children under his care in the holocaust

Torah Scrolls

Torah Scrolls kept in the synagogue, taken out for public reading 3 times per week

Tel Shiloh Visitors Centre

Tel Shiloh

Tel Shiloh

A park where one can see ruins of Shiloh.

Masada palace

A reconstruction of Herod's palace at Massada


One of the many spectacular canyons in the Negev Desert

ein gedi waterfalls

Ein Gedi waterfall

Banias Waterfall

Banias Waterfall

Banias river

Banias Spring


View from the hanging trail.

banias waterfall

Hanging path over the Banias River


Waters running into the Jordan River.

banias national park

Hanging trail

Ayalon Valley
Mea Shearim

The great synagogue of Mea Shearim

Conservative Synagogue

French Hill Jerusalem

Hecht Synagogue

In the Hebrew University on Mt. Scopus

Yeshurun Synagogue Plaque

Plaque with the history of Yeshurn Synagogue

interior Yeshurun Synagogue

Yeshurun Synagogue inside

entrance plaque Yeshurun Synagogue

Yeshurun Synagogue Jerusalem, entrance

Yeshurun Synagogue Jerusalem

General view outside. Yeshurun Synagogue Jerusalem

Holy Ark Yeshurun Jerusalem

Holy Ark Yeshurun Synagogue Jerusalem

Yeshurun outside Jerusalem

Yeshurun Synagogue Jerusalem

Hehal Shlomo Jerusalem

Hechal Shlomos Synagogue Jerusalem

Boats on the sea of galillee
galillee boats
anna frank memorial
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