Daily Guided Walks of Jerusalem 


Old City Walk

Jaffa Gate,  visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, The Wailing Wall, Visit the 4 synagogues of Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai in the Jewish Quarter, The Cardo, The Broad Wall, Burnt House, Herodian Quarter, The Upper Room, King David's Tomb, House of Caifas.Room

City of David Walk

Meet at the City of David Visitors centre. Ascend a few steps to the observation platform for a magnificent view of the mountains and valleys, which protected Jerusalem and made it an ideal place for a city. (Psalm 121:1-3) Walk through the important archaeological discoveries of David's Palace

(2 Samuel 5:11), Continue along the Jebusite wall, the house of Ahiel, Warren's Shaft, walk through Hezekia's tunnel, (if you prefer you can walk through the Canaanite tunnel, which is dry) to the famous Pool of Siloam, then return to the Western Wall, walking underground along a street, used by the priests to the Temple. Continue to the Jewish Quarter (see the Jewish Quarter Walk) Bring shoes for walking in water and a flashlight


Via Dolorosa Walk

Walk through the traditional 14 stations of the Cross, from the Church of the Flagelation, continuing to the Ecce Homo Arch, culminating in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

3 hrs 150 shekels per person, minimum 4 participants



Jewish Quarter Walk

Meet at the visitors information center at the Jaffa Gate. Walk through David Str. (the Arab Market) to the Cardo. Continue to the Broad Wall of Hezekiah, Visit the 4 synagogues of Yohanan ben Zakkai, Visit the burnt house and the Herodian neighborhood. Continue to the Western Wall. Walk though the Western Wall tunnel. Return to the Jaffa Gate 


This archaeological excavation is under the houses of the Arab neighborhood of the  Old   City  and makes it possible for the visitor to walk along a part of the Western Wall that had been hidden for nearly 2000 years.


Southern Wall Walk.

Meet at the visitors information center at the Jaffa Gate. Walk to the Armenian Quarter to the Church of St. James, continue to the Cardo in the Jewish Quarter, visit the broad wall of Hezekiah, continue to the Western Wall, Visit the Davidson Museum, the street of the 2nd Temple period, the steps by which people entered the temple, the Hulda gates, Robinson's Arch. Return to the the Jaffa Gate by way of Mt. Zion to visit David's Tomb.


MT OLIVES WALKS Visit Jerusalem's Famous Mt. Olives

Mt of Olives Walk

Panorama of Jerusalem

Walk down the Mt. of Olives along the famous Palm Sunday walk

Walk through the ancient Jewish Cemetery

Dominus Flevit where the Lord wept

The Garden of Gethsemane

Absalom's Pillar

Overview of the City of David

The Church of the Ascension

Visit this magnificent church built on the inspiration of Kaizer Wilhem II of Germany, Asced the famous bell tower for a magnificent view of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert

The Chapel of the Ascension

The Pater Noster Church

The Kidron Valley

The Gate of Mercy

Overview of Solomonic Gate

Mt of Olives ovelooks the city of Jerusalem and separating and protecting it from the Judean Desert to the East and the never ending stream of nomads who regularly tried, and often succeeded in plundering the Holy City. Some holy people also came to Jerusalem via the desert and the Mt. of Olives, such as King David, Jesus, John the Baptist. Mt of Olives is most famous as a Jewish burial ground already from the first temple period. To this day remains of this amazing history of a mountain can be visited.

Kidron Valley Walk

The beautiful valley that lies between the Mt.Olives and the Old City of Jerusalem.

This is an ideal walk for photography enthusiasts, but can be enjoyed by all. 

The tour begins in the late afternoon, 2 hours before sunset. 15:00 hrs in the Winter and 16:00 hrs in the Summer.

We meet at the Dung Gate (bus 1 from the central bus station on Jaffa Rd.)

Walk past the Southern Wall Archaeological excavation and the City of David. Continue to the vantage point over the Kidron Valley. Towards sunset walk towards the Lion's Gate and down to the Garden of Gethsemane. Continue down into the depths of the Kidron Vally, past Absolom's Pillar, Zacharia's Tomb to the Ophel Walk back to the Dung Gate.


4 hr walk 150 shekels per person (minimum 5 participants.


Mt.Zion Walk


The most famous of all the mountains of Israel, revered as the site of King David's tomb, the room of the Last Supper, the House of Caifas, the grave of Oscar Schindler (site of a scene from Schindler's list)

Tour begins at the Jaffa Gate, with a visit to David's Tower for a view of the old City.

We continue past the Armenian Quarter, along the archaeological excavations of Hero's Palace to the t Zion Gate.

Continue to the Benedictine church of Mary, then to the Room of the Last Supper.

Continue to the Tomb of David, then down the mountain, past the grave of Oscar Schindler to the House of Caifas.

5 hr tour 150 shekels per person (minimum 5 participants, or 800 per group (unlimited participants)


Jerusalem Gates Walk

Walk around Jerusalem's wall, as prescribed in the Bible.

Visit each of the 8 gates of Jerusalem, enjoying the history and the beautiful sites to be seen at each gate.

Tour meets at the information center inside the Jaffa Gate.

6 hr walk 150 shekels per person (minimum 5 participants. unlimited group 800 shekels.