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Tours to Tel Aviv-Jaffa Israel's commercial centre and the ancient harbor town of Jaffa

 Image Credit: Flickr, deepgoswami

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Tel Aviv-JAFFA

Tours to Tel Aviv-Jaffa Israel's commercial centre and the ancient harbor town of Jaffa

Tel Aviv

Unlike the world changing ideas which the prophets of the Bible preached in Jerusalem hardly anybody knows about the idealism of the founders of Tel Aviv.


3 hr walk Old Jaffa (Joppa), Flea Market, American Colony Church

3 hr walk Modern Tel Aviv, Bialik Str. Allenby Str, Levinsky food Market, Shalom Towers, Carmel Market, Newe Zedek.

Jaffa (Joppa)

Ancient Jaffa goes back to the 3rd Millennium before Christ, and was built and destroyed more than 20 times in its long history, its ruins today form the scenic hill known as “Tel” Jaffa.

The Land of Israel Museum

This is one of the highlights in a visit to Tel Aviv. 

Exhibits: At the moment, Sep 2018 you can see an exhibition of The Map in Israeli art featuring the best of Israel's artists


A trip to the North of Israel, known as the Galilee, is one of the highlights of a trip to Israel. After Jerusalem the Galilee is the area where most of the Biblical History of Israel took place. One of the best places to start a tour is Tiberius, by the Sea of Galilee, from here it's easy to reach the Golan, the Huleh Valley, the Lebanese border and many other interesting and beautiful sites.

Tours to Tiberias the city of Rabbi Meyer the famous Talmudic scholar, see the beautiful mosaic of the synagogue with the signs of the Zodiac and visit the Hot Springs for a refreshing experience


Full day tour walking and driving: Hamat Synagogue, Hot Springs, Tomb of Rabbi Meir, Jordan River, Boat ride on the Sea of Galillee, Fish lunch on the shores of the Sea of Galillee.


Megiddo is now in ruins, but it was once a great city on the crossroads of history. Nations from the two ends of the known world 3000 years ago, Babylon in the East and Egypt in the West clashed in battle for possession of Megiddo.



Full day tour walking and driving: Caesarea, Haifa, Druze Villages, Mt.Carmel, Bet Shearim, Sepporis, Megiddo


Tours to Safed and the Jewish Holy Places

Walk the narrow alleyways of the Jewish Mystics in Safed in the 16th century. This is known as the Kabbalah  based on the book written by Shimon bar Yohai.


Full day tour walking and driving: Artist's Quarter, Synagogue, Mikve of the Ari, Tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, Pekiin, Cave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai


Tours to Acre and the Crusader Castle of Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lion heart lived here and you can see his castle and his harbor, see the great mosque of Abu Jazar and take a boat ride on the Mediteranean from the harbor of Roman Times

2hr Walking Tour

Enter old Acre by the opening in the ancient wall, through the parking ground to the entrance into the courtyard of fountains and gigantic wild fig trees. Here you will find the information centre, where you can see a very informative, 10min, film of Acre's history. Continue to the ticket office. You can purchase various kinds of tickets here: 1) Entrance to the Crusader Castle. 2) Entrance to the Turkish Bath (well worth seeing) 3) A combined ticket to the Crusader Castle, Bath House and the Grottos of Rosh Hanikra (This is about 15KM from Acre, but well worth visiting)

At the entrance to the Crusader Castle you can hire an audio guide, if you don't have a tour guide, but you want historic information)

Before entering the castle, you will see the entrance to the Acre Fortress, which is a separate site, with it's own entrance fee. This is where the British administratation held prisoners who had been convicted of acts of terrorism. Today these Jews aren't considered terrorists but freedom fighters.

After visiting the castle and the bathouse, continue to the market (shuk). A very colorful and noisy place indeed, with lots of goodies to delight the eye and the palett, e.g. Arabic pastry called Kenafe. Conitnue to the Crusader Tunnel, which will bring you out at the lighthouse. From here you can walk back to the parking lot, along the ancient sea wall with magificent views of Haifa Bay and Mt. Carmel.

This tour can be included in a one day tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, including also, Caesarea, Mt. Carmel and Rosh Hanikra.

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