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War against Hamas in Gaza

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Arab-Jewish War

The Jewish People have never had an evil thought about any nation or group of people. We certainly don't hate the Palestinians or the Arabs. Being this kind of people we cannot understand the hatred the Arabs have for us. And now, even after some of them have carried out acts of the most unimaginable cruelty, we believe in the goodness of the Arabs.

We aren't happy about the war we must wage against them to ensure our survival. We don't seek territory or vengeance, all we want is survival as a nation.

Israel will always rise up.

We are proving that we are truly a great nation, I mean the Jewish Nation and the Israeli Nation. In my thinking, they are one and every Jew can feel sympathy with us but also pride in belonging to a nation that can get back on its feet after being knocked down.

Our enemies have made the mistake, time and again throughout history of thinking that they have given us the knockout blow and have been taken by surprise to see us rising up stronger than ever.

Israel will always rise up, now we know that this is true, it's happened so many times in history.

Good versus Evil.

The most evil people on the face of the earth have murdered the most righteous people.

This is as it should be, because who else should evil attack?

This way the world can understand the difference between good and evil. This is the purpose for which God chose the Jews.

This kind of thing has been happening throughout history. The Jewish people have been dying at the hands of evil throughout history, giving the nations of the world untold opportunities to show their support fir good and rejection of evil and mostly they did not choose to support good and continued confusing good with evil, and the result has been suffering for the world.

Yesterday the Jews again gave the nations of the world an opportunity to see, vividly, what is good and what is evil. I hope that this time they will support Israel, the good against the evil, when Israel marches forth to eradicate the forces of evil.

We would not attack if they didn't show how evil they are, by committing a terrible crime.

Israel, a unique domain of Righteousness

Since the beginning of human history, the Jewish people have assumed a unique duty to preserve the Land of Israel as a unique domain of justice. Many peoples throughout history have resisted this ideal and attacked the Jewish people in order to distract them from this goal and to make this country a place of injustice and evil. Over the course of 2000 years they were successful. Now the Jewish people have returned to realize the ideal for the benefit of the entire world.

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Irene Asgaard
Irene Asgaard

We hear a lot about the war here in Denmark. It’s terrible. We Think about you.

Br Irene Asgaard

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