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The fruit that Adam Ate

Leon's No Newsletter 175

Jerusalem Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear Friends, Shalom,

The Fruit which Adam ate

Considering that Adam gave up immortality in return for the fruit which he ate it’s not reasonable to consider the fruit was a simple apple.

No matter how tasty apples are and I love apples, I refuse to believe that Adam gave up eternity just to eat an apple.

I believe that he must have eaten a fruit far more precious than an apple. It must have been such a precious fruit that that it outweighed even the preciousness of immortality.

The only fruit that is more precious and tastier than immortality is the fruit of the woman, namely her reproductive organs.

To die in the arms of a beautiful woman has been the wish of many a full blooded male. Sad to say some men have caused terrible pain to woman on whom they cruelly forced their ardor when the woman they loved didn't love them in return.

This was not the case with Adam and Eve. The Bible makes it clear that they loved each other dearly and that should be a comfort to us, the descendents of that marriage. We were born out of a relationship of love not one of violence and cruelty. This is why we should learn to live up to our loving ancestry and love one another.

Eve's temptation of Adam wasn't a bad thing. She didn't tempt him out of lust guided by the desire to achieve pure physical pleasure. She tempted Adam because they were alone and needed to stick together, to comfort each other.

Sure the snake represented evil; it's obvious that he did something bad to Eve. This is why she needed Adam to show her love, kindness and affection. Adam's love saved Eve from being forever in the arms of the evil snake.

Adam is the great hero of the world. He gives up immortality to save Eve. He does this by giving her love and shows her that there can be goodness in the mortal world.

Sure he sinned in the eyes of God and God punished him and Eve but he had saved Eve, the woman of his dreams, who he loved and who procreated the world together with him.

Wishing you a great no news day

Yours truly

Leon Gork

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