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The Holy Sepulchre - A Jewish View

Tomb of Jesus.

A great number of Christians believe that the church of the holy sepulcher is the place of Jesus resurrection. Other Christians believe that the resurrection took place at another site, known as the GardenTomb.

Visiting this place, the Christian is strengthened in his belief; he praises God more fervently, after he has visited here and is more certain than ever that God will answer his prayers and grant him eternal life, as He granted to Jesus.

Entering the tomb as a dead person and coming back to life reminds me that Adam would have come back to life, had he been allowed to re-enter the Garden of Eden.

But Adam was not allowed to re-enter the garden. An angel stood there brandishing a fiery sword, to prevent him from re-entering the Garden. Had he been allowed to re-enter he would have eaten from the tree of life and gained eternal life.

Adam is prevented from re-entering, but Jesus is permitted to enter. Adam does not achieve eternal life, but Jesus does.

The gardener, who meets Jesus’ disciples, when they come to visit the tomb, on the Sunday, the third day after he had entered the tomb, the day of His resurrection, reminds me of that angel, who had stood at the entrance to the Garden of Eden, brandishing a fiery sword, to prevent Adam from re-entering the Garden.

In other words, the angel who blocked Adam’s re-entry, now takes on the guise of a friendly gardener and allows Jesus to enter the Garden of Eden and to gain eternal life.

Jesus is allowed to enter the Garden of Eden (and all Christians with him) because he atoned for the sin of disobedience to God, by being crucified (in other words sacrificed). This is what Christians mean by saying “he died for our sins”.

Jews don’t believe that Jesus died for our sins, or that any human sacrifice is required for God to forgive us.

I suppose that some Jews believe in original sin, but this belief or non-belief is not crucial in determining whether one is a Jew or not.

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