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The Origins of Antisemitism

The origins of antisemitism. One of the most puzzling phenomena is how antisemitism is most prevalent among people of color, as in SA and other countries and other oppressed people, or amongst people who feel themselves to be oppressed, for one reason or another. It is especially puzzling for Jews, because we consider ourselves as kind and loving towards all oppressed people. The tragedy is that oppressed people live a deception that has prevailed in most countries for 2000 years, since the inception of Christianity, that Jews are rich and powerful and oppress the down trodden people of the world. This deception originated at a time when the Romans oppressed Christianity, as an anti Roman movement and favored Judaism, which they saw as a legitimate religion. For this reason the early Christians hated the Jews and spread the evil deception about the power and wealth of the Jews. One can’t blame them really, because they were being persecuted while the Jews were being lauded and praised. They saw this especially wrong because they had adopted the Jewish philosophy of “turn the other cheek” and “love your neighbor as yourself” etc. etc. This hatred should only have been temporary, as a means of uniting and strengthening Christianity, to bring it to the same level of acceptance as Judaism. Once this was achieved, at the time of Constantine, who declared Christianity an official religion of Rome, the hatred should have stopped, because it had achieved its purpose. But it didn’t stop. Once hatred starts it’s impossible to stop. It gets out of control. Unfortunately, instead of seeing this hatred as a temporary instrument for uniting Christians, it became the banner for uniting oppressed people everywhere and at all times in history. It’s a terrible injustice, because in fact Jews were the only people, at that time, who brought succor to oppressed people. The great paradox is that Christianity became a religion because it adopted this Jewish attitude of love towards our fellowman. 

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