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Protecting God's Honor

I think it's okay to point out faults in Islam without condemning Muslims.

It's just a simple fact that Islam requires the followers to defend the honor of God or Allah and I think that is dumb.

I mean what else can you say about people shouting "Allah Akbar" = Allah is great as they slaughter someone.

Christianity is like that also; you still hear them saying "I do this in the name of Jesus" although they've stopped killing people in the name of Jesus, which is okay, they used to do that not so long ago.​

Moslems are good people, like all people, but be careful they might decide you are mocking God or Mohammed or something.

I remember my Moslem bus driver getting very angry as I started telling him a joke. I had only said the first line of the joke: "One day God, Jesus and Moses sat down to breakfast......" For the life of me I can't remember how it carries on, but that Moslem doesn't talk to me to this day.

It's interesting to note that all the shopkeepers along the Via Dolorosa are Moslems.

Recently they decided to build a mosque exactly opposite the first station where Jesus was badly flogged by the Romans.

It so happened, one day, that I was telling a group of tourists this sad story, it was the time for the Muslims to pray and, as is their custom, the muezzin calls them. Unfortunately he uses a loudspeaker, turned up so high that nobody could hear the sad story of Jesus and the Cross.

I realized that he was obliged to call and I couldn't very well ask him to hold up the call while I finished my story, but I requested politely, that perhaps he could turn down the volume a little, that way Christians could hear the story and Moslems the call to prayer.

Well you should have seen the uproar, they stopped short of stoning me and only chased my tourists and I away, very rudely.

So you see that you need to be careful, you never know what act, unimportant and innocuous you might think it to be, will be construed as provocation and you can find yourself in danger.

Moslems with this attitude are simply dangerous, no matter how good

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