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Newsletter 32: A sad event

aryeh and friends

Dear friends and family, shalom,

I'm sorry to have a bit of sad news from here about Ettie's father, Aryeh. He passed away peacefully in Hadassah hospital early on Wednesday morning.

He was a wonderful guy and we all loved him. He was a gruff sort of a guy, like an old bear. He had great stories to tell about the good old days and we all listened intently and entertained.

Unfortunately he had been ailing for about a year, after he had take some kind of blood thinning tablet. After that he was never right. He was in hospital almost every week for blood transfusions and injections.

He was getting weaker by the day and couldn't stand and even lifted his hand with difficulty, but he was hopeful that the doctors would find a way to put him right.

Naturally the grand children were his favorite and they loved him, as we all did.

He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. The kids loved speaking to him since they were very little. He always spent a lot of time with them.

They brought tears to our eyes when they spoke about what his loss meant to them.

I am grateful for the years they spent with him. Now they're grown up boys and girls and he's left them. They'll carry his memory and love with them throughout their lives.

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