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Newsletter 27: The War against envy not enmity


Dear friends and family, shalom,

It seems that the Hamas have finally come up to the expectations of the Palestinians who voted for them. This latest escapade of theirs of kidnapping of an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit has once again put them on top of the Palestinian popularity poll.

The support of the overwhelming majority of Palestinians enjoyed by Hamas is the real issue that Israel has to face. Time and again the Palestinian people have demonstrated their enthusiasm for acts of war against Israel.

We in Israel find this unbelievable and we keep explaining to each other that basically the Palestinians are a peace loving people and they only act as if they support the acts of war of their leaders. We keep talking about a small group of extremists who are doing the aggressive acts of war and encouraging, even compelling the unwilling mass of people to support their cause.

Every time the Hamas, or some other militant group has, even a little victory we are treated to a mass demonstrations in the streets of Gaza in support of these militaristic actions.

Being sad about the suffering of the Palestinian people as a whole whenever Israel retaliates against suicide bombers or kidnappers or the Kasam rockets shot at Israeli towns is a natural reaction of someone who feels no hatred for his enemy, certainly no envy. No matter how evil the acts of the enemy a person who feels no envy can't be happy to see them dying or suffering.

The Palestinians are the exact opposite of the Israelis. Their celebrations when Israelis are killed only demonstrate that the object of their war isn't victory and freedom for their people, as they claim but it's an act to satisfy the worst quality of the human being, envy.

Envy isn't a new characteristic in the world and it certainly isn't new to the Arabs. Cane killed Able because of envy and Mohammed lead his hoards against the Jews of Arabia because he was envious of their culture, decency and success as farmers.

They even demonstrate this motivation when one of their own people is killed. This only increases their envy. The demonstration appears in the news as anger against the "inhuman" acts of the enemy, but in reality it's just an expression of inflamed envy.

The sad thing is the more we strike at the ordinary Arabs the more inflamed becomes their envy and the more determined they become to take away from the Jews all the things they envy, prosperity, kindness, creativity, science, the desert we've made fertile, the army and courageous soldiers we have developed, everything. They want it to be theirs and this envy consumes them.

There is no doubt in my mind, I'm sad to say that Israel must launch all out and continuous war, not against the Palestinians but against their envy. Tolerating such envy will bring about the downfall of Israel. Our very life depends on victory against the forces of envy.

In the words of Dante:

"She mates with every beast and will mate with more

Before the greyhound comes to hunt her down

He will not feed on land or lust but honor

Love and wisdom will make straight his way

He will hunt her through every nation of sick pride

Till she is driven back forever to hell

Wence envy first released her on the world"

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