Fruit of the Land of Israel


As a young boy, David must have walked many times down the Elah Valley, a shortcut from his home in Bethlehem, the mountain heartland of the Jewish People, to the coast where the ferocious Philistines lived,

I took a tourist to the Elah Valley Winery, at Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed He2 where new strains of grapes have been planted in soil, where the Jews and later the Romans had cultivated their best wines more than 1300 years ago


Yad Vashem, The Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book, Model of Jerusalem, The Knesset, Chagal Windows at Hadassah Hospital, The Scroll of Fire, The Wailing Wall

The 4 quarters of Old Jerusalem, an overview, walk through the markets, vantage points over Jerusalem

A 3 hour walk on Jerusalem's walls

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