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Jerusalem History Highlights

3000 BCE Melchizedek the Jebusite king of Jerusalem believes in the one God.

Abraham meets Melchizedek and they sign a peace agreement

2000 BCE Isaac signs a peace agreement with Abimelech, the king of the Philistines.

Esau sells his right to the land of Canaan to Jacob.

Jacob and his 12 sons go to live in Egypt.

1200 BCE the children of Israel return to the Land of  Canaan. The name changes to Judah..

1000 BCE David becomes king and makes Jerusalem his capital.

586 BCE The Babylonians destroy the temple and Jerusalem and take the Jews into exile in Babylon

450 BCE  The Persian king Cyrus sends the Jews back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and the temple

160 BCE the Maccabees rebel against the Greeks, rekindle the Menorah

40 BCE Herod becomes king of Judea

0 Jesus is born  and the Christian era begins

70 the Romans destroy the temple and Jerusalem

135 CE the Jews rebel against the Romans

635 CE the Moslems conquer Jerusalem

1199 The Crusaders conquer Jerusalem

1917 the British conquer Jerusalem

1948 the Jews re-establish the Jewish State and call it Israel.

Jerusale History Highlights
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