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Leon's No Newsletter 243 USA withdraws from UNESCO

Leon’s no Newsletter 243 USA withdrawal from UNESCO

Jerusalem Tuesday 31st Oct 2017

By Pieter Brueghel the Elder - bAGKOdJfvfAhYQ at Google Cultural Institute zoom level Scaled down from second-highest, Public Domain,

A few weeks ago the USA declared it’s intention to withdraw from UNESCO, the organisation for the promotion of education and science in the world, because it disagrees with the decision to declare Hebron and the Wailing Wall Palestinian and not Jewish Holy sites. I, naturally agree that this is a wrong decision.

Perhaps the UN is an ideal that the world is not yet ready to fulfill, i.e. an ideal of spreading mankind over the face of the earth for the purpose of developing it as a place where human beings can prosper through living at peace with one another and so prospering.

I believe that God had this idea in mind when he prevented the building of the tower of Babel by confusing the languages of the people. .

(Gen 11:9)

Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth

The word Babel originates in Hebrew and means “to jumble or to confuse.”

Babylon, the country, was so named, because it is the place where a one world language failed and the confusion of languages began.

The project didn’t fail because the idea of a one world language is bad, on the contrary, that is an excellent idea. Just think of the wonderful possibilities of all people understanding one another, being united in building a better world and society for all.

The project failed because of the use to which people intended putting this wonderful unification of mankind.

They intended a very bad use for their unity, namely:

“let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens …...otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”.

These were two shocking, unacceptable objectives, namely, to develop only one place on the face of the earth and to reach heaven to worship God.

In confusing the languages, only one part of God’s objective has been achieved, namely the scattering of mankind over the whole world and developing it, like the UN, instead of being concentrated in one place and only developing that place and no other.

It’s obvious that the whole world needs mankind to develop it. Only mankind can develop the earth and that is what we’re doing now, thanks to the fact that we are scattered over the whole earth.

But, looking around at all the religious practices in the world today it’s clear that the objective of preventing mankind from worshiping God in heaven has not been achieved.

There are many religions and they compete against one another to show that one is more holy than the other. All religious people seem occupied in proving how close they are to heaven, just as the builders of the tower of Babel intended.

Clearly God’s objective in confusing the languages was to prevent this kind of race to see who can get to heaven first and this hasn’t been achieved.

We need to understand that the two objectives of God are complementary to one another; being scattered all over the earth cannot be fully achieved as long as people are occupied in trying to reach heaven.

People occupied in the task of reaching heaven are too busy to participate in the task of spreading out and making the earth a better place in which to live in by discovery, development and promoting a better understanding between men.

When I see religious people going to church, mosque or synagogue, I see people detached from the reality of the world. They are so busy trying to be holy that they forget being kind to their fellow man.

The New Testament is full of examples of this trend; the sick man, healed, carrying his bed on the Sabbath, is castigated by the rabbis, the priest and the Levite don’t help the injured man because they are in a rush to go to the temple to worship God, the hungry disciples are castigated for picking ears of corn on the Sabbath etc.

Unfortunately most Christians interpret these parables as a criticism of the Jews when actually it’s a criticism of all religions and a warning to all religious people not to neglect their duty to human beings for the sake of being holy.

I am shocked to see a gigantic, obviously expensive church, mosque or synagogue in a neighborhood of starving people.

Throughout history religious people have murdered their fellow human beings in the name of religion; in an effort to reach heaven to worship God.

Religion has ceased to be a motivator towards kindness to our fellow man. Religion has been used as a reason to discriminate against individuals who don’t conform. Mostly those reasons don’t even have any basis in the writings of that religion. People have been murdered in the name of religion.

Besides being an evil, it places a limitation on our ability to scatter all over the world and develop it.

God had a double objective in confusing the languages:

1. To scatter human beings all over the earth and to develop it.

2. To prevent people from ascending to heaven to worship Him

People must worship God as human beings and stop trying to reach heaven to worship God, stop trying to compete with each other for holiness like God’s holiness. That is impossible and ridiculous and ultimately an obstacle to spreading out over the world and developing it.

Human holiness means spreading out over the world, developing it and being kind to each other not running all the time to reach heaven.

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