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Israeli News Translated

Read the original Hebrew News Item in Israel Today Sun 20th Aug 2017

The minister of commerce and industry, Eli Cohen, comes out in support of the presidednt of America, Donald Trump, following criticism launched against him in the last few days about racism and anti-semitism: “The attempt to associate Trump with anti-semitism is pathetic.” Said Cohen and added: “we are talking about one of the pro-Israel presidents.”

According to Cohen, “since Trumps entrance to the White House, a serious blow has been struck against elements operating to boycott Israel in the economic sphere. There has been a noticeable change in the discourse about Israel, obviously in the political sphere of the UN, Niki Haily, fulfills Trumps policy completely. In addition, on the economic level all the attempts that we’ve experienced in the past to harm Israel economically have diminished dramatically, since Trump taking office.

Cohen added “to brand as antisemitic a person whose daughter and son in law are Jewish and who chose to visit Israel on his first foreign trip outside the USA, is without any grounds. He has nothing to do with anti-semitism. Also in talks with people in the administration the positive atmosphere is clearly felt and it is noticeable in the increased trade agreements with the USA that reached a record high of 27 billion dollars, also in investments of American companies in Israel and in the opening up of development and production projects.

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