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Tisha B'Av 5780

Why Jews mourn on Tisha B'Av.

2000 years have passed since the destruction of the Jewish temple and they continue to lament But is this because of its loss.

We find the answer in Lamentations, a book full of descriptions of the agony of people deserted by God. We read this in Synagogues, as we fast, wear sackcloth, sit on upturned chairs or on the ground. We pour ashes on our heads and we weep. But not a word of the annihilation of a structure.

No doubt, the sanctuary was demolished, but the chosen people aren't grieving for a wrecked building. They are wailing because the Lord did not rescue them and their children from suffering.

The description goes on and on about self guilt and leaving the Almighty and bringing a massacre on themselves.

God removed the temple as a punishment for turning away from Him. The lament is not for the disappearance of a building but in regret for sinning against God.

Romans are idol worshipers who merit rebuke, for example, "may their name be wiped out from the face of the earth", but they're not chastised for destroying the edifice, they are only God's instrument.

Only after becoming Christians, Romans write books confessing their part in ruining the temple, as in the Jewish War, by Josephus Flavius.

Only after Christianity appears, do the people of God, begin their accusations, as in the Talmud of the 5th century.

No records of Romans destroying shrines appear before the Byzantine period.

Untill their acceptance of the Christian religion, shrines were erected in every land to honor other gods. They built the one in Jerusalem , considering Herod a Roman appointee.

Christians demolished places of worship of other religions. Jewish people took down Pagan shrines. Moslems dismantle idolatrous edifices. In fact, Rome of pre-Christian times, was the only nation who did not eradicate holy sites.

Starting with Constantine, their tolerance ended. The belief in Jesus gave them a new, brilliant idea, namely to spread the faith to all the world and through it, the Roman Empire. They became the standard bearers of of the risen Christ, marching with the cross as their banner to victory converting one nation after another.

They used all the power at their disposal to force the new faith on every People, subservient to them.

Every society under their sovereignty, except the Jews and the Moslems.

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