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Other Non Alcoholic Intoxication

I sat down on a bench to write, continuing the subject I had started in Ramat Aviv and decided to add the piece about the truck driver who nearly caused a serious accident on our way to Tel Aviv last week.

I think that only an intoxicated person could drive so recklessly. I've decided to write about intoxication and it’s dangers for drivers. But in my opinion intoxication can arise from other causes besides alcohol. It can arise for example, from a pleasurable sexual encounter, from reading a description of an exciting episode, from the elated feeling one obtains passing an examination, a victory in competition and many other situations.

All of these events have the same effect, which is to take a person out of reality into a world of make believe, euphoria. The road is no longer reality, it is replaced by the euphoric vision and feeling of the driver.

I don’t think enough attention has been paid to this phenomenon. The police are busy testing for intoxication, but the other types of intoxication escapes them and most accidents are caused by other types of intoxication, not alcoholic.

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