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Natural and Human Catastrophes

strongest hurricane on record in the eastern North Pacific and North Atlantic basins 4 people died
Hurrcane Patricia

We speak of the Holocaust as a singular event because we don't expect it to recur if we take effective action against the perpetrators. In contrast, catastrophes without human intervention recur because hardly anything can avert them. But humankind is obliged to do its utmost to stop their destructive powers.


When meteorological devastation happens, we don't blame anybody. It is a phenomenon of the earth; we don't even have a day of remembrance each year to mourn the people who expire in a disaster caused by nature as we have for those who perish at the hands of mortals.


Ecological forces and wild animals don't distinguish between good and bad people. They don't say, "I will drown the people I don't like" or "I'll pour lava on those I don't like."


Humans make choices and those who bring suffering and death without choosing their targets are like insensate creatures or untamed beasts. In the case of harmful occurrences in the living world or ferocious quadrupeds, homo sapiens must do their utmost to eradicate them to survive.


All murderers search for a reason for their behaviour. Claiming kindness to the less fortunate as a pretext for their actions is a trick to disguise themselves as humans, to avoid annihilation, to continue their march of carnage.


The Nazis hated us no more than a volcano, rain, or earthquake. The desert invaders aren't more adversaries than a dangerous environment. The anti-Jewish demonstrations taking place in America on university campuses aren't hostile any more than the hurricane and the flood.


The Germans, the Arabs and the demonstrators against Israel have brought themselves into the category of natural phenomena; nothing can alter the status besides reversing their path of ruination..



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