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My Succah

my succah

With the bamboo covering, my Succah was ready for guests.

The list was very long, and they had been invited many centuries ago. The size of my Succah is only 28”X40”, the minimum required by Jewish law, yet it wasn’t crowded, but just the right size, even with the table, piled high with tasty dishes in the middle.

The noise was deafening, Abraham was telling Moses what things were like before the sojourn to Egypt. Ben Gurion was cupping his hand to his ear, trying to hear Joshua’s advice about winning the war of independence.

Suddenly silence fell and all eyes focused on King David, who, wine goblet in hand, pronounced the kiddush, the shehecheyanu and blessing for sitting in the Succah.

“I’ve been a guest in Succas for 3000 years” said father Abraham.”As long as the Jews invite me I’ll be here”. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, some like father Isaac, usually a quiet person, shouted “here here”, enthusiastically.

The sound of the Muezzin suddenly pierced the air. On hearing this they turned to their host and said, “perhaps next year you’ll think of inviting Mohammed”.

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