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Litterbugs attack our park

Tens of tall apartment blocks had recently been built on the northern crest of the Tzofim Valley. Their white limestone facades looked glaringly and incongruously down on the dark green pine trees arrayed like soldiers protecting the natural beauty of the whole area.

I looked up to the heights above, like the psalmist who said “from whence cometh my help”? But unlike him I never saw the Lord, but the “abodes of the wicked”. Those structures, once beautiful in my eyes as places for decent people to live, turned into monstrosities set up to house “The despoilers of the land”, the litterers who had partaken of “a repast of the Lord” and ungraciously left behind the paper and plastic containers of the food which the good Lord had so graciously provided for them.

This is the way they had repaid the bounty with which the Lord had blessed them. I used the little influence on the Lord that every individual possesses, to ask Him to bring down a curse. By their behaviour they had turned the day they were born into a moment of darkness for the earth. The world would have been a better place had they not been born.

They enjoyed the parkland as much as I did and in return had left their litter. I cleared a small space at one of the tables of artificial grey limestone, now blackened by some mysterious liquid.

Sipping my tea, I considered the creatures of the forest who’s sharp sense of smell had led them to a heap of rubbish and they proceeded to rummage.One black headed crow had taken a piece of paper that smelled of cheese, another a silver chocolate candy wrapper, a fox had dragged off the empty pizza box to lick the scraps of bread and pizza.

What a time those animals and birds must have had. Now I, together with my friend Shaul, took on the task of collecting the scattered trash into a plastic bag.

I carried it off to the trash can that stood by the playground on my way home.

The litterbugs will return and not even consider who had cleaned the park of their mess. They will play, sing a chat and eat and again leave their mark of filth and again we’ll clear it away and again they’ll mess until there won’t be anyone left to clear it all away

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