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Lithuania Sadness

During the 2nd WW the Lithuanians murdered more than 200,000 Jews, practically 90% of the total Jewish population and about 1% of the total population of Lithuania.The murderers were never tried or punished and the worst of all is that the Lithuanian Authorities, government and municipal honor the murderers with medals, naming streets after them and raising statues in their honor, turning murderers into national heroes.

From 1941, with the German conquest of Lithuania, hardly a day past without Jews being murdered, some days a few hundred, other days, several thousands. Here you can read of these murderers, recorded by Grant Gochin of California who leads the struggle to persuade the Lithuanian Government to mend its ways and to show respect for the innocent people that they murdered. Here is page that you can connect to regularly, as new developments take place they are reported on this page.

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