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A letter from God

Hello Mt. Terrorist,

God here.

Who told you to kill those people in Barcelona today?

Please tell me. I really want to know because you think it was me, don't you?

Well you're wrong. It wasn't me.

Someone's been impersonating me. I've never ordered anyone to kill anyone. Do you hear, never in all eternity have I ever ordered any person to kill another person.

Oh, you read that in the Koran or the Bible, well you misunderstood the text, you made a booboo.

I had a big job creating those people and an even bigger job keeping them alive. You are supposed to help me not go against me. You made a terrible mess.

I saved many of those people from diseases and injuries. It wasn't easy but I did it, because they're my creatures. And you go and do a dumb thing like that.

I saved those folks because they prayed to me and I cured them and you go and kill them. you didn't even give them a chance to pray to me to help them, no you just surprised them with one big smack. You could at least have given them a chance to pray to me..


You really messed things up, Now there's only one thing for you.

You understand that I can't allow you into heaven with all those people you killed. You turned them into martyrs and martyrs go to heaven, you know that.

Until today I thought you might go to heaven.

Really your name came up for selection. I had big plans for you in heaven, but you messed up, now I have to send you to hell.

It's going to be really hot for you there, Mr. Terrorist and you will be there forever.

This message isn't going to help you but it might help some others who lie say that they heard me speaking to them.

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