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Landscape by Noga

The big room one sees on entering our front door is divided into two, first comes the dining area then the living room. My six year old granddaughter, Noga sits on the black leather settee dividing the two parts of the room. Her mother, Anat, holding baby Alona sits next to her. I sit on a straight back chair, which I borrowed from the dining room table, facing Noga over the square black wooden coffee table.

I sip my whisky. and chat with my two sons, Ittamar on the other black settee and Ariel on the beige easy chair to my right. I turn my glance towards Noga and Alona. From the safety of her mother’s arms the baby is watching with big blue eyes every movement around her.

I notice that Noga has chosen a colouring pen from the various colours lying on the table and is busy filling in the bottom of a white sheet of paper with dark blue color, this is the sea with waves. The way the colour pours out I can see it’s not an ordinary crayon. Etti told me later that these were special pens she had bought containing oil paint.

The mountain she has drawn looks as if it is growing out of the sea, but the little tufts of grass next to it make it clear that it’s land. Then she slowly draws a brilliant bright orange sun with lots of rays in the top right hand corner of the picture. She fills the area around it with light blue and little squiggles, which are birds. She finally finishes it off with a fold along the edges, to form a frame

A brilliant drawing, in my opinion. After they have left to go home and I start cleaning things up, I find the drawing under the chair where I was sitting.

I look at the painting and decide she left it here deliberately as a gift for me. I have the painting on my desk

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