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Killer and the Birds

Birds would fly over Poyer’s house driving Killer, the Alsatian crazy with desire to catch one. Now and again a daring bird flew too low and Killer ripped it to pieces.

Poyer watched his dog’s antics, laughed and patted him on the head.

There was one place in the park, however where the birds used to gather and Killer dreamed of finding that place. Whenever Poyer took him there he would sniff all over looking for the secret meeting place of the birds.

There the birds twittered, nudging and kissing one another, munching nuts they had collected from all over for their feast. After the feast was over each bird flew back to its nest in one of the trees.

At their meeting they discussed the problem of Killer and decided to pass a law that no bird was to fly over Poyer’s house. Keep away, it’s a dangerous game. In a matter of 5 days ten birds had fallen prey at this rate the bird population of Krugersdorp would be annihilated.

However birds will be birds and life was boring without excitement and Killer was absolutely necessary for this. They mourned at the thought that Killer might change his ways or that he might get old and not have energy to chase after birds or he might even die.

One day Poyer and Killer left home for a vacation in Springs, the town where Poyer had grown up. The dog wagged his tail and followed his master to the car and off they drove.

The birds hadn’t been informed about these plans and were surprised and disappointed to find their source of amusement gone.

The birds in Springs rejoiced to have this crazy mutt in their midst. He barked, ran like a wild animal, jumped until froth came out of his mouth. They loved it, this was fun. They dive bombed the animal, dropped pieces of wood on him and generally enjoyed themselves.

The Krugersdorp birds didn’t know what to do. They sat, moping in the branches telling each other of the good old days when they used to have such fun. Now and again some of the birds were sent to see if perhaps Killer hadn’t returned, but a whole month of boredom went by and there was no sign of the creature.

Eventually the birds gave up searching for their playmate and stopped flying over Poyer’s house. They still had their meetings in the park. The older birds said they should be happy that the danger had passed, but the younger birds were full of energy and longed for Killer’s return.

When Killer and Poyer finally returned they found the house desolate. Everything was as they had left it and Killer lay in the garden waiting for the birds to come and pester him, but no birds came.

Life was boring for him also without the birds.

One day he and his master walked in the park again and once more Killer made his search for the meeting place of the birds.

The birds weren’t expecting him and didn’t take the trouble to hide their meeting place as they had in the past and Killer, to his great joy and surprise spied the meeting place from a distance. He was very sly and was determined to catch all the birds he’d missed since being away.

He crept quietly into the ring of trees where hundreds of birds sat chirping, not suspecting anything. Killer’s joy was unbounded, he jumped this way and that with great speed and at every jump he caught a bird. They were also good and fat because they’d been sitting around idly for a whole month.

He didn’t eat the birds immediately but caught more and more until he had a whole pile of them, Lying dead at his feet. He was happy now he could eat them at his leisure and that is what he did. And that is the end of the story of the Killer and the birds.

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1 commento

Raymond Gork
Raymond Gork
19 ott 2020

Shalom Leon;

It's always a pleasure to read your Krugersdorp stories.

However, I find it even more amazing to read about the Gork/Zilibowitz family

histories. I was especially fascinated to read about Louis Nestadt's history. ( I loved reading about Louis' sports car!)

You have done a fantastic job! Kol haKavod!

Have you been able to share those stories with the Canadian Gork bunch?

Keep up the good work!

Have you given any thought to collecting these stories into a book?



Mi piace
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