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Jardin des Plants

Jardin des Plantes

Itamar wanted his family to visit the Jardin des Plants and Ettie and I wanted to spend time with them on our visit to Paris. We met them by lucky coincidence the day before at the Louvre but this visit was pre-arranged.

We were to meet at the entrance to Jardin des Plants, a few stops on the bus from Oratio, our hotel, 10 o’clock, and we stood gazing at a gateway of artificial green plants and giant yellow bees with black stripes, which formed one of the entrances. Clearly, Itamar and his family had entered elsewhere. A romanesque style 3-story building looming in the distance, obviously the main exhibition, meant taking a walk along the wide brown, sandy avenue leading to it.

A long time passed as we walked because on either side were patches of vegetation and over them hovered the colorful exhibition of various fake plants and the insects which interacted with them.

The biggest dinosaur skeleton I’d ever seen formed the centre piece from which we ascended to the giraffes and elephants roaming in make-believe prairies. Noga took picture with my camera.

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