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Headlines Translated German Elections

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German elections

Headline from ידיעות אחרונות The latest News

25th Sep 2017

הימין הקיצוני נכנס לפרלמנט הגרמני,

מאות הפגינו:חזירים נאצים

The extreme right enters the German Paliament, hundreds protest

I am shocked to see people demonstrating, after election results show that a political party, whose ideas they don’t agree with has received enough votes to allow it to be represented in the parliament.

I’m referring to the demonstrations that took place last night in Germany against the 12% or so representation gained by the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland).

Had I been a German citizen I wouldn’t have voted for the AfD, because of their appeal to fascist elements in German society. It’s loud declaration to limit immigration of refugees into Germany and it’s call “Germany for the Germans”, disgusts me because it’s the kind of call that appeals to the most racist instincts of society. Every society has such racists and in my opinion every society must fight against such phenomena. Jews have had more than enough experience with such primitive feelings taking over a society. I don’t think a government should allow any political party to make racism a platform, whether it is racist or not.

But, right or wrong, AfD was allowed to make such an appeal and it did receive 12% of the votes and I am disappointed and shocked that there are still people in Germany who are racist. But it’s a fact and all that I can say is that I expect the government to proceed strongly to an education program that will reduce the appeal of fascism in German society.

But I am still more shocked at the sight of liberal Germans demonstrating violently against the AfD’s success. This shouldn't be the way of liberal people. Demonstrations are the way of fascists, in my opinion, not the way of liberal minded people who support democracy. I understand their anger that fascism is alive and well in Germany, but demonstrations aren’t going to rid the country of fascists, on the contrary, fascists think that by demonstrations they can force their ideas on the nation. So liberal minded people who use fascist methods simply makes no sense.

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