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By what right or law do I expect tomorrow to be brighter than today?

Where is it written that tomorrow will bring me happiness?

Who told me, when I was born “you’ll be happy my child”?

Why did they lie to me?

Why didn’t they tell me the truth?

Why didn’t they tell me “Tomorrow you’ll be sad, my child”?

Everyday I awoke expecting happiness and it didn't come.

Still I expect happiness.

My mother told me and surely she didn’t lie.

My father assured me and surely he didn’t lie.

Things just didn’t turn out the way my parents thought they would.

Now they aren’t here to answer my complaint.

But surely they could have done something to make the promise true.

They didn’t do anything and left it a lie.

That doesn’t matter to me.

I expect to be happy tomorrow, no matter what sadness today has brought me.

And if tomorrow brings me sadness.

Well then I’ll just expect happiness the day after.

I will never give up expecting happiness and one day I’ll be disappointed so badly that I won’t wake up expecting happiness anymore.

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