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Arab rockets into Israel

250 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel; 1-year-old child among those killed in retaliatory airstrikes This is so disgusting, that it’s unbelievable. Those Arabs in Gaza, know for an absolute certainty that the Jews will not retaliate in a really serious way, israel and the Jewish People are merciful,which means that israel will do everything, humanly possible not to harm civilians. The worst that Israel will do is damage property. They know this and that’s why they continue firing rockets into israel. Israel created the iron dome, out of her effort to protect her citizens, without needing to stop attacks using severe, inhuman methods, like those used by the Arabs themselves, when they are under attack. All that I have to say is that the Arabs are disgusting pigs. That’s the only word to describe human beings who attack to kill and maim, with impunity, people who have done nobody any harm. The world should praise Israel for her restraint, instead it pities the Arabs for suffering at the hands of the Jews, a blatant, diabolical lie against the most just and humane nation on the face of the earth. May God bless Israel and keep her strong to defend her citizens and to continue to bring solace to a seriously disturbed world.

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