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Monotheism of the three religions

In my opinion Islam is a monotheistic religion, just as Judaism and Christianity are monotheistic religions, for the following reasons: Both Islam and Christianity derive monotheism from the Bible, namely from Judaism. Those two religions both describe God in the same way as Judaism, namely He is unseen and omniscient. These religions only differ from Judaism in their claim that their followers are the chosen people and that the texts which contain their beliefs are the only true text of the word of God. Christianity considers the Old Testament as the preparation for the coming of the savior, while Islam sees the Old Testament as a corruption of God’s word. 

The Jews see it as God’s message to the world. It is complete in itself and doesn’t need any other word of God to complete it, like the New Testament or the Koran. Those books were written to adapt the Teachings of the Old Testament to the situation of non Jews and to popularize them among the non Jewish nations. All these religions see God as the savior of the world, only Judaism sees this salvation as coming directly from God, while the other two present the world with intermediaries. I don’t think that we can consider The God of Islam or the God of Christianity as being a different God from the God of Judaism. All three religions believe in one and the same God. In this sense we can consider the Bible as having succeeded in its objective of bringing the whole world to the belief in one God. It’s truly an amazing achievement and shows the brilliance and power of the Bible. Leon Gork Sent from my iPhone 

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