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Expulsion or Exodus

Expulsion or exodus Jews departing, voluntarily, from a country en masse? Who ever heard of such a thing. Throughout history we have heard of Jews being expelled en masse. Individual Jews depart voluntarily, but all the Jews departing, sounds far fetched. Jews are so well known for their individuality, that it’s become a joke. You’ve heard that if you ask two Jews, you will get three opinions. A voluntary departure of all Jews from a country doesn’t sound feasible. There would inevitably be some or many that refuse to leave. This makes me sceptical about the Biblical story of the Exodus and God delivering the Jews with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, as we will read tonight in the “Hagadah” as we sit around the seder table, crunching our matzah and eating bitter herbs, in celebration of the hardship of slavery in Egypt and God’s deliverance of us from there. Could it be, I ask myself that the Bible has turned a negative, constantly recurring, event, into a unique, miraculous episode in our history, for the purpose of glorifying God and the Jewish People. Could it be that the Egyptian enslavement of the Jews, was really an inversion of the time worn, anti Semitic, slander, that Jews are rich and make their money by exploiting non Jews? Could it be that the Egyptians blamed the Jews for the ten plagues, as most countries, in the Middle Ages blamed the Jews for the Black Plague and expelled them and slaughtered them, en masse, because of it? The Bible is much more profound than most people imagine it to be. It’s not just a straight forward historical tale, but an in depth view of history and interpretation of history and moreover manipulation of history to promote it’s own agenda, namely, to edify a really downtrodden nation by giving it an omniscient God, who eventually becomes the only God to be accepted by all mankind.

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