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"David Ben-Gurion" and "Gamal Abdel Nasser" in the 1956 Adloyada parade in Tel Aviv

A certain rabbi of the Talmud, of 1500 years ago suggests an apparently strange way of celebrating the salvation of the Jews from the wicked Haman.

His idea was that we shouldn't be able to distinguish between Haman(the bad guy, who plans to murder all the Jews) and Mordecai (the good guy whose act of goodness to the king results in saving the Jewish People from Haman's diabolical plan).

This is exactly what I saw last week, on Facebook; people in a parade in Belgium, dressed in masks, of Jews looking like money grabbing monsters. We call those kinds of people anti-Semites. Yet our own Talmud is suggesting that Jews do exactly that on Purim.

Of course the only way to achieve this impossible conversion is to get drunk. That is; only if a good person is drunk could he possibly dress himself up like a bad person and act like a bad person.

So I can only conclude that those people, in the parade in Belgium, behaved like anti-Semites, because they were drunk. I think that they were good people who had become drunk and in their drunken state were acting like anti-Semites.

The difference, however, between Jews getting drunk on Purim and non-Jews getting drunk during their carnival time is that Jews get drunk on alcohol and when the alcohol wears off they return to the sober state and can clearly distinguish between good and bad. While the non-Jews at carnival are drunk on Christian teaching about Jews being money grabbers and other wicked imputations about Jews.

I wish all Jews a happy Purim and a return to sobriety and my Christian and Moslem friends forgetfulness of all the slanders against Jews contained in their holy books.

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