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Russia Motivated by Suspicion and Insecurity

AP Published: 28.06.17, 23:49 From Ynet Hebrew

"Russia is sure that the US wants to topple the regime"

According to the Pentagon intelligence agency, the Kremlin is convinced that the United States is trying to replace the regime in Russia, and a rare report states that Russia believes that American efforts to promote democracy in the world are meant to hurt it. The intervention in Syria was said in the United States: "indicates insecurity, Russia thinks we want to weaken it"

The Kremlin is convinced that the United States intends to replace Russia's regime - a fear fueled by rising tensions and military rivalry between the two Cold War rivalries, according to an unclassified report by the Pentagon intelligence agency, which is due to be released in the next day.

The report reached AP shows that Russia is increasingly suspicious of the United States. According to the report, "Moscow has a deep distrust of US efforts to promote democracy around the world," and considers it part of an "American campaign" to establish a unified world of values.

A demonstration of strength of the Russian army in Moscow

Vladimir Putin. "Lack of confidence in US efforts to promote democracy" (Photo: EPA)

"The Kremlin is convinced that the US is laying the foundation for a regime change in Russia, a belief that has grown stronger after the events in Ukraine," the report said, referring to Vladimir Putin's claim that the US administration was responsible for ousting Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. Russia responded by annexing the Crimea and supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

"Moscow fears that the United States is trying to dictate international norms that threaten the foundations of the Kremlin, to give credit to foreign interference in Russian domestic affairs," the report said, "Russian Military Force," is the first unclassified report of the Pentagon intelligence agency More than 20 years ago The name of the report mentions a series of intelligence reports from the Cold War period - "Soviet military force." The series of reports ended in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Trump in first telephone conversation with Putin in Oval Office (Photo: Reuters)

The Russian-style ideology reminiscent of the Cold War is not new, but the report warns that Moscow "intends to use its military to promote stability in its terms," ​​the report said. "He said.

During the eight years of Barack Obama in the White House, relations between the United States and Russia deteriorated to the lowest level, the last chapter of which was claims of Russian intervention in the elections in favor of Donald Trump, in which there were serious disagreements over Ukraine and Syria - where Russia supports Assad's forces and the US supports rebels fighting at him.

A murky relationship. Putin and Obama (Photo: AFP)

Trump's campaign promises earned him sympathy in the Kremlin, but ties have not improved since he entered the White House. In April, Trump said that relations between the two countries may be "at an all-time low." Trump is expected to meet Putin for the first time next week at the G20 conference in Germany.

The work on the Pentagon intelligence report began long before the Trump victory, and reflects the Pentagon's worldview on the international security scene, after almost 20 years that the US has focused mainly on counterterrorism and wars in the Middle East.

An American missile on the way to attack in Syria after the chemical massacre in April (Photo: AFP)

Russia is currently at the heart of a congressional debate on national security, in which politicians try to decide how to deal with Putin and if his military build-up in the world, which is considered a threat to NATO, and the claim that he intervened in the elections demands a new approach from the United States.

Jim Kodla, spokesman for the Pentagon's intelligence agency, said the report was not related to recent events, and detailed the capabilities of the Russian army. There are no new publications on Russia's military capability, but it states that it succeeded in recovering and rehabilitating the army, including its navy and air force, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Trump's Situation Room during Attack in Syria (Photo: AFP)

"The Russian army today is on the rise, not like the Soviet forces that faced the West in the Cold War," the report says, describing the Russian army as "smaller, mobile and more balanced" and capable of carrying out all modern warfare activities.

As an example, the report mentions the intervention in Syria, which began in 2015. The report states that the Russian intervention "changed the entire dynamics of the conflict, strengthened the Assad regime and promised that there could be no solution without Russia's consent."

"Moscow believes that the US wants to weaken it, in Russia and the rest of the world," the report said.

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