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The Purpose of Death

Tombs of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem

The world does not belong to us. I think we only realize that when we die and then it's too late. But the purpose of dying is to show living creatures, that the world doesn't belong to them. It's as simple as that but people are so eager to possess something or even everything that they don't want to see the real purpose in dying, which is very simply to show us that the world doesn't belong to us.

It's like we've been invited to enjoy a beautiful garden with all the pleasures in it. We are guests here but we start to try and own the garden, it's so beautiful and being in control of all that beauty the owner acquires great power; through withholding the pleasures he now possesses he can decide who will be happy and who will be sad according to his criteria. Some owner.s of parts of the world want more money, others want love, others get pleasure from being cruel, others simply want power. Then they die and they don't own anything.

Anything we've got doesn't belong to us that's why people who understand this give charity. People who want to possess everything will never give charity. How can it be that one person dies of hunger because he doesn't possess money to buy food yet another possesses so much money that he can buy all the food in the world. He can control it, keep it away from others and they'll die unless they pay him or do something else he wants them to do.

The only one who possesses the world is the one who never dies. Possession gives the feeling that we can live forever and it's a terrible delusion.

This article was originally published in Dec 2012 on my blog

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