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Newsletter 45: In Every Generation

the seder table

“This is what has stood by our fathers and us!The awareness that not just one alone has risen against us to destroy us,but in every generation they rise against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed is He, saves us from their hand!”

(Passover Hagaddah)

Foolishly Ahmadinajad is putting himself in the class of all the many enemies of Israel who have tried to annihilate us in every generation in history.

According to the opinion of the Rabbis, expressed in the quotation above, in every generation God has fouled Israel's enemies' attempts to annihilate us. In fact the Haggadah of Pesach recounts all the annihilation attempts until the Exodus and God fouling them up.

The Exodus from Egypt should have been a lesson to those who rise up to destroy us and there shouldn't have been anymore of those.

The Exodus shows that attempts at annihilating Israel end up in exactly the opposite way they are intended to end up

Alas once again today we have an illustration that enemies never learned from the Exodus or from other examples of fouled up annihilation attempts.

Here are a few more examples of some modern annihilation attempts that have fouled up.

1. The Establishment of the State of Israel.

The establishment of Israel sooner than otherwise, as a result of the Holocaust, is a further illustration how an attempt to annihilate the Jewish People is thwarted.

If Ahmadinajad would learn the lesson of the Exodus he wouldn't deny the Holocaust and wouldn't seek to annihilate Israel.

Ahmadinajad denies the Holocaust because he wants the annihilation of Israel; he thinks that denying the Holocaust will de-legitimize the State of Israel. It won't but his statement reveals his desperate desire to see the annihilation of Israel.

Some other people who wanted the annihilation Israel were the Arab villagers who lived in villages along the road to Jerusalem. They murdered Jews making their way to Jerusalem making life impossible for the Jews. The Jews were reluctant to conquer Arab villages, but the Arab objective of annihilating the Jews left us no alternative.

Without conquering Arab villages those attacks would not stop.

2. The Conquest of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was conquered in a war of self-defense. Had the Jordanians accepted Jewish sovereignty over New Jerusalem and not launched their terrible attacks on Jewish Jerusalem, they would have been ruling Old Jerusalem to this day, despite the fact that they prohibited Jews from visiting the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.

Israel has never fought a war of conquest. The Jordanians forced the conquest by shelling New Jerusalem incessantly for 3 days.

The 1967 war, during which the Israeli army conquered the Old City of Jerusalem was not a war of conquest but a war to defend the Jews of New Jerusalem who came under attack by Jordan who launched this attack from the Old City.

3. The Jewish Quarter.

The Arab population destroyed all the Synagogues and schools after the Jews had left in 1948 and the old Jewish Quarter remained a heap of rubble for 19 years until the Jews returned during the 6 days war of 1967.

They did this, intending to annihilate the Jews and everything Jewish. Little did they know that Roman, Christian and Moslems, during the last 2000 years and more also tried to wipe out any sign of Jewish habitation in Jerusalem, not by destroying but by building streets, churches and mosques over the earlier Jewish houses, walls, streets, schools and synagogues.

When Jewish archaeologists got to work in the Jewish Quarter in 1967 they revealed not only the ancient Roman, Christian and Moslem buildings of thousands of years of annihilation of Jews but also the original, beautiful Jewish homes, walls, and synagogues of the days of the prophets.

After seeing all these discoveries one can have no doubt that the Jews were the original inhabitants of Jerusalem.

I'm not presenting these examples to make you complacent. I don't believe there's any guarantee that God will always step in to save the day. But I think we need to remember that it's vain to hope that our enemies will learn from history.

Have a great no news day.

Yours truly. Leon.

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