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Newsletter 35: The Myth and Disaster of the Moslem Paradise


Dear friends and family, shalom,

The cost we're paying to inflict damage on Hizbullah is tremendous, but we're not hiding it. Every morning the price list appears in the daily newspapers, on the radio in the TV broadcasts of the funerals and so on. Nothing is fabricated and we need to be strong to swallow this bitter pill each day. Our bookkeepers are doing their job and not making the figures look pretty.

Our enemies don't have such good bookkeepers. Just listening to Nasrallah's speeches shows us how he's trying to make things look good for his masters. He keeps telling his audience that the Israelis are lying and that our casualties are more than we actually report and that he is fighting fit and his army is intact.

I'm sure Nasrallah would like to tell his masters, the Arab world, the truth about how critical the position of his army is.

But he can't do that because then he'd wake the Arabs up from the dream they're enjoying.

This dream tells them that they're on their way to destroying the Jewish Paradise, which is rightfully theirs, so that it can be replaced by the Moslem Paradise.

Lebanon is a particularly good example. The Arabs always like to show it as the closest place to Paradise, now the Jews are destroying it.

Arabs love describing their miserable situation because it highlights the Jewish Paradise. Now with their new rockets they can show how they are destroying the Jewish Paradise. Nasrallah never tires of describing the nightmare he's creating for the Jews.

The Arabs don't carry out peaceful demonstrations, to attain civil rights; instead they murder and commit acts of ghastly terror because they don't really want more civil rights and their own state beside Israel. They want to destroy Israel which they see as the Jewish Paradise, which the Jews have obtained unjustly and at their expense.

Nasrallah and others like him maintain their popularity by lying and so keeping this awful dream alive at all costs.

The Arab world thrives on feeling sure that they are on their way to realizing their dream and Nasrallah encourages that feeling.

He keeps promising the Jews a nightmare because only when the Jews have a nightmare will the Arabs have a dream.

He and Ahmanidajad promise to wipe Israel out because that is the way to take the Jews out of their "undeserved" paradise.

They do that because only then will Moslems attain their rightful, blissful state in Paradise.

For them any country where Jews are living or where people, like England and America, appear to be helping Jews to thrive, is the undeserved Paradise and so must be destroyed.

Israel, of course is the most glaring and provocative Paradise of all because the Jews are sovereign here and have so far succeeded in withstanding the Moslem onslaught.

As long as the Jews are living in Paradise Moslems have no place there. They aren't only defiling Paradise, they physically occupy the space in Paradise reserved by Allah for Moslems.

This is why a Moslem who dies in the process of killing a Jew attains paradise.

The total annihilation of Israel is vital to the Moslems attaining Paradise.

This is why Nasrallah and all Arab leaders have to keep telling their followers that they are approaching their goal of annihilating Israel.

Our struggle for survival and their struggle to destroy us will simply bring never ending devastation..

Through many generations of struggle Mankind has achieved a sort of Paradise. It's probably not what the Bible describes as the Garden of Eden, but it's not bad. It's the best we can do, achieving a little civilization in the midst of suffering.

The paradox is that if we try to achieve the Paradise promised in the Bible we might end up destroying the little we've achieved.

It would be better to come to the realization that Paradise is a fiction and be satisfied with what we've got.

At least then we'll try to preserve it and not end up destroying it in return for some fictitious paradise.

The Arabs aren't doing this. On the contrary, their leaders keep lying and telling them that living in ruins, created by the Jews, is the price they must pay to attain Paradise.

If you'd like to read some of the official lies which Arabs are teaching their children, regarding the Jews I suggest you go to the following website:


Israel and the Jews in the schoolbooks of the Palestinian Authority.

Nativ online.

If you'd like me to send you the file of the above book by attachment please let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

Wishing you a good day. Yours truly. Leon.

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