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Newsletter 30: The need for a Constructive Ideal


Dear friends and family, shalom,

If the recent Palestinian and Hizbullah act of aggression would be isolated incidents one couldn't construe them as aiming at the destruction of Israel. Unfortunately they're not isolated but come after a series of serious threats to Israel's existence. Here is a list of some of these threats:

Iran sent more than 10000 rockets to the Hizbullah in 2002.

Constant Hizbullah attacks over the last several years.

Iraq's rockets were sent to Syria who supplied them to the Hizbullah

Ahmanidajad has been declaring that Israel is going to be wiped out.

It's obvious from the above that our enemies have an ideal to make war and to destroy Israel. This contrasts sharply with Israel's very basic ideal to survive and defend the good things it's created.

It's only ideal is to defend itself so that it can continue its creative activities in developing as a modern, civilized society

It's also obvious that our enemies aren't achieving their ideal of destruction but Israel is achieving its ideal of construction. Even when Israel carries out destructive acts they are in fact constructive because they are in the framework of defending ourselves and in fact help to bring us closer to our constructive ideal.

The conclusion that one can come to is that the only worthwhile ideal is one that is constructive. An ideal which is destructive has no hope of succeeding because the very essence of destruction is failure. The essence of construction is success.

We follow our ideal of defense and succeed, whereas our enemies follow their ideal of war and only bring their already crumbling world to new levels of ruination.

Israel, doesn't have an ideal to destroy but to create and develop a modern civilized country which will contribute to making life better for all the world.

The ideal of war can only be destructive. An ideal is something that totally occupies a human being or a nation. This is why an ideal of destruction totally excludes the possibility of having an ideal of construction.

This is why for our enemies war is a full time activity while for us it's only a part time activity. It's just one of the things, among many, that a civilized nation does to survive. It's the thing a civilized nation spends the least amount of time doing compared to all the other things it does. It's the thing an uncivilized nation spends the most of its time doing. Usually that's all it does and so stays uncivilized.

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