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The Calvary Idea.


Going up to Calvary

Isn't just an exercise in climbing up a tree.

It is something that takes a lifetime to do.

And even so nobody except Lord Jesus

Has done it.

He did it with suffering.

Our lifetime is also suffering.

It's the suffering of our lives.

That makes us think.

That this world isn't perfect.

Yet the Calvary idea is that Jesus' suffering.

Is what makes the world perfect.

The perfect world then.

Isn't one without suffering.

That's our mistake.

The perfect world is one with suffering.

Jesus suffered and made the world perfect.

So now we can suffer happily

And we can cause suffering happily.

In the sure knowledge that the world is perfect.

In fact thanks to the Calvary Idea.

The more we suffer the better the world.

What happiness.

Now I'll die laughing.

Because dying is the greatest suffering.

Dying now becomes good.

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