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Listen to a welcome message

Leon after a hike
After hiking in the Valley of the cave

Pictures of Synagogues of Jerusalem

Pictures of a walking tour of Mea Shearim

Pictures of a Hanukkah Walk in the Nahlaot neigborhood of Jerusalem

Pictures Dutch Group Idoedreizen Dec 2016

For more information, articles and pictures

Theodore Herzl in Beersheba
An interesting statue in Beer Sheba



Sorek Stream
Sorek Stream near Kibbutz Tzora


 Guiding and Transportation

I guide

If you want a tour guide for your tour then come directly to me

I help you design your itinerary. I meet you at the airport. I talk to you about Israel's history, religion, politics, and culture. I show you Israel.

Flights, hotels and transportation are important and I can offer you objective advice on those matters, because I am not dependent on them. 

Your guide is the most important part of your tour of Israel and  

I offer you a personal guiding service with a custom made itinerary.

All you need to do is write to me and I'll give you an itinerary straight away. No strings attached. I'll correspond with you on email to find out which aspects of Israel interest you, the sites you'd like to see, things for kids to see and learn about etc etc You participate with me in designing an itinerary specially for you.

I guarantee you a quick response. Drop me a line at 

Guiding Languages:
Hebrew, English, German, Dutch, Spanish

Leon Gork Israel Tour Guide
Leon has more than 30 yrs experience guiding tourists in Israel

Touring Israel with Leon Gork is an unforgettable experience.

Israel is the Jewish Homeland and it's calling you to visit and relive our ancient Jewish heritage.

My aim is to show you The Jewish People in their land. You have met the Jewish People in Church, Synagogue or Mosque now join us in our land.
All the questions you never got answers for:
We'll talk about all the things that interest you concerning Israel.
Learn what it's like to be a Jew in his own land. Learn why we are proud to be Jews.

Call Now: 972 (0)52 3801867          
                   or 972 (0)2 5401641                  


Listen to explanation by leon

For Leon - guiding tourists in Israel is a work of love

 Join a Jerusalem Walk to see the Holy City of the three religions. Read about the experiences of people who have toured with Jerusalemwalks guided by Leon Gork

Leon is great with kids

  Kids love asking questions, a Jerusalemwalk will give them the chance to talk and say what they think. There are always special activities for kids on Jerusalemwalks.

Leon's tours are a dialogue bringing history to life. 


Jerusalemwalks are built specially to suit your own interests. Together we'll have a lively experience. It's fun and it's interesting.

Leon is your friend and personal host in Jerusalem

Welcome to Jerusalem Walks!
Take Leon Gork as your own Private Guide in Jerusalem and throughout all of Israel
Tours Take Place Even for One Participant

Special Deal for Groups of more than 5 people, 1/2 day, full day, Tour from Sabbath to Sabbath, 1 week tour prices, 10 day all Israel private guide tour..

 Call me for the cheapest rates for a complete tour of all Israel. Iet me guide you through Israel for an unforgettable tour. Read referrals and testimonials.

Walks start when you like, as long as you like.

My favourite quotes: "Believe the person who says he's searching for the truth. Doubt the one who says he's found it:Andre Gide.

Here you will find:
Useful suggestions of what to see and do in Jerusalem and Israel.
How to get there.

Click the picture to Read the history of Jerusalem
Glass Bowl in Herodian House

Listen to Leon explain

Jerusalem Walks Along the Old City walls

Jerusalem Sites
The Dome of the Rock

Listen to Leon explain

Jerusalem Sites
Southern Wall of the Temple

Listen to Leon explain

Please get in touch to offer comments, join a tour, get quotes for a custom designed tour or just get the latest information on tour sites in Israel.

Also enjoy Jerusalem Walks * 2 Great Walks* Kaleidescope Walk, Ramparts of Jerusalem Walk* Inquire about a special deal I'm free
Call Leon 972 52 3801867 email:

Email me with all your questions about touring Israel. e