Discovering Jerusalem
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 Image Credit: Flickr, David King

Jerusalem is a wonderland of antiquity. Here are some brief descriptions of the sites with links to interesting articles that you can download.

The best way to see these amazing sites is by taking a walk with Leon Gork who has more than 30 years experience guiding tourists in Israel and especially in Jerusalem. He has devoted his life to studying the 3 religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam and will help you discover new information through visiting the wonderful sites of Jeruslem from the acient Canaanite times to the the modern Israeli times.


According to history, the Jews spent about 100 years in Babylon, they returned under Nehemia but only about 400 years later in the 2nd century BCE the Maccabees, probably Simon the Maccabee rebuilt the fortress. 

The Tower of David

Yad Vashem – remembering that we’re human

Janush Korcak memorial

One of the places which is a must for visitors to Jerusalem is Yad Vashem. 

Officialy this institute is described as the memorial to the 6 million Jews murdered by the Germans in the holocaust. 




1/2 day tour: Knesset, Mt. Herzl, Yad Vashem.

Full day tour: above plus Israel Museum, Scroll of Fire, Chagall Windows


This archaeological excavation is under the houses of the Arab neighborhood of the  Old   City  and makes it possible for the visitor to walk along a part of the Western Wall that had been hidden for nearly 2000 years.

The Western Wall Tunnel

Underground of the Wailing Wall

The Broad Wall

Jerusalem has many walls from many different periods. Today the most visible wall is the Turkish wall, built by Sultan Suleiman in the 16th cen.


Hezekias wall


1/2 day tour: Wailing Wall, Western Wall Tunnel, Hurva Synagogue, Cardo.

Full day tour: above plus: City of David, Mt of Olives.


1/2 day tour: Wailing Wall, Cardo, The Broad Wall, Hurva Synagogue, Herod'ian


Full day tour: above plus: City of David, Mt of Olives. Walk along the Kidron Valley


Day Tour to the outskirts of Jerusalem

Depart Jerusalem on the road leading to Tel Aviv. This is a busy road but a scenic route, which passes many historic sites.

Visit the Crusader Church in the village of Abu Ghosh

Visit Latrun, the Trappist monastery.

Visit the tank museum at Latrun

Visit Mini Israel

Visit kibbutz Tzora

Visit the memorial to Anna Frankt and edit me. It's easy.


The Wailing Wall

For 2000 years Jews have overcome all obstacles to visit the Wailing Wall. I had dreamed of coming here since I was very young and finally managed it in 1959.


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