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Listening to the conversation

I could only assume from the look on the faces of my wife and children that they were saying something interesting to each other. We were sitting around the dinner table on Friday evening, food was being passed around, while everyone chatted to everyone. I sat silent, speaking only when asked a question, like “what about more soup”, or “another slice of lamb?” I would have had a comment to contribute to the general discussion, if only I could hear what it was they were all discussing.

I had long given up asking “who are you talking about” or “what was that you said”? Only last week I missed hearing Lilach, my daughter in law, say to Etti that Alon had been chosen to attend a school for gifted children. The news came to me later, when we were driving home and Etti said “you know Alon is a clever boy”. I knew that, so why was she saying it now. Then she asked, surprised, “didn’t you hear he’s been chosen to attend that school for clever children. I was shocked. I am in the dark about many things, all because my hearing aid doesn’t pick up other surrounding conversations, only conversations directed at me specifically.

Now the time has come to upgrade, hallelujah and praise the Lord. I'll have a hearing aid that will put me back in the picture. I hadn’t always been hard of hearing. 10 years ago I happened to be chatting to my son Ariel, a cracker went off with a bang, made bigger by the voluminous empty space where we were standing. Since then my hearing was 50% kaput.

Then the young lady hearing technician gave me the lowdown on what was available. I had the wax cleared out and she took measurements for a custom made earpiece. A month from now, if the thing works as well as she promised, I’ll be in the loop of information at the dinner table.

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