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Jerusalem by Night

The way I take photos, requires swift and agile finger work; adjusting the time, the aperture and what not. So, the freezing evening weather was a real bind for me.

There weren't many people out and those that were looked at me a bit weirdly, each thinking that the only reason that I could be out taking pictures in the freezing cold, was to shoot them.

I'd passed those lights, many times, driving through town, with Etti, to fetch Noga from nursery school, one of the activities I enjoy when I'm not our touring. She loves it when I amuse her friends, who think that I'm bald all the time, when actually, so I tell them, I'm only bald when I take off my hat. As long as I keep it on, I'm not bald.

But photography, for me is a slow business and I don't expect the traffic to stop and wait, while I take a picture.

So there I was, all alone, taking my time, in the freezing cold to take a picture or two. I'm not even sure that they're good, but they look pretty, and I'm happy to present you here with the result of my evening activity. It didn't take long. I knew exactly which pictures I wanted and here they are.

#calatravabridge #BenYehudahstr #JerusalemCityhall #Oldcitywalls #BeginMotorway #FrenchHospice

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