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The new atom bomb

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Attacks on people,absolutely unknown to the attacker can have only one cause, namely, the mental state of the attacker.

It’s clear to me that these attacks are only the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s face facts; one attack actually perpetrated is a sign that there are millions of unknown potential attackers.

Whether they will realize their potential, or not, depends on society.

No other society, in all the long history of mankind, has ever possessed such advanced tools for treating the mentally ill, as our modern society and we can be proud of the progress that has been made in this field.

Nevertheless, no other society, in all history, has experienced so many attacks by mentally deranged people, as we are experiencing at this time.

This is a puzzling contradiction that pleads for an explanation.

It’s staring us in the face:

The disruption of society and the death and injury of thousands of people at the hands of single individuals can be compared with instruments of mass destruction. Soon, if not already, the number of deaths caused by solitary individuals, will surpass those caused by weapons of mass destruction.

Spending money on improving weapons of mass destruction is a waste. Mentally ill individuals are doing a much better job, for nothing.

Mentally ill individuals are showing the world that they have more power to ruin society and eventually mankind than any atom bomb will ever manage to do.

The mentally ill individual is the new atom bomb.

It’s not the atom bomb that will destroy the world, its crazy individuals.

By spending money on weapons of mass destruction instead of treating insanity society will be destroyed.

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