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Leon's No Newsletter: The Vanishing Valley

The Vanishing Valley - Gilboa Mts.

One can only appreciate the name, Vanishing Valley, by going there, carefully, because it starts out at the top of the Barkan, one of the peaks of the Gilboa Mts. looking like any ordinary valley, then suddenly it disappears and in its place the walker is faced with an almost perpendicular cliff face, with the bottom, hardly visible a half Km down below near the fish ponds of Kibbutz Tel Joseph.

The Vanishing Valley The first people to practice the custom of walking in Israel were the Jews. God considers it such an important activity that that He orders it 10 times in the Bible:

"Three times a year all your men must appear before the LORD your God at the place he will choose." Deu 16:16.

It wasn't a choice for an Israelite male, it was obligatory. Obviously women and children must have participated and they probably all had a wonderful time, fulfilling this commandment of God's. In fact fulfilling all commandments gave pleasure and made people happy. It was even against the law to be sad while fulfilling them.

Having a happy life was the main purpose of the Jewish religion.

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