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 Image Credit: Flickr, Ze'ev Barkan



Day 1 Mon

Arrive at your hotel in Jerusalem. If time allows we'll do some sightseeing e.g. Panoramic views of Jerusalem from vantage points suitable according to the time of day according to arrival time.



Day 2 Tue

Old City of Jerusalem, the various quarters and city gates.



Day 3 Wed

New City of Jerusalem and surroundings



Day 4 Thu

Massada and the Dead Sea area specially recommended hike to the Ein Gedi waterfall and floating on the Dead Sea. Continue to Eilat



Day 5 Fri

Eiltat underwater observatory, hike in the Sinai desert or take a day tour to Mr. Sinai



Day 6 Sat

Day tour from Eilat to Petra



Day 7 Sun

Drive through the Negev Desert with a stop for a short hike through theAvdat Canyon. Visit the ancient Nabetean City of Avdat. Coninue to Tel Aviv



Day 8 Mon

Kibbutz tour, Visit Safed, the city of the Jewish mystics of the 16th century. Visit the Dan Nature Reserve. Hike to one of the waterfalls of the Golan Heights



Day 9 Tue

Drive northwards along the Mediteranean coast for a visit to Caesarea and Haifa. Continue to Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee



Day 10 Wed

Visit the Golan Heights. Hike through one of the canyons of the Golan to a beautiful waterfall for a dip in the cool waters of the natural pools. Visit the Jewish Mystic Town of Safed. Continue to Tel Aviv for overnight.



Day 11 Thu


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10 Day Grand Tour of all Israel


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21 Days Shavuot Tour - Israel - the Land of the Bible


Day 1 and 2 Thursday and Friday

2 day Jerusalem discovery tour.


Overviews around Jerusalem, Old Jerusalem Jewish quarter, Jaffa gate Western wall Cardo, Broad wall, Southern wall, Pool of Siloam,

Welcome the Shabbat at the Wailing Wall


Day 3 Shabbat


Shabbat in Jerusalem attend services at the Great Synagogue  


Day 4 Jerusalem origins


City of David, New Jerusalem, Israel museum, Second temple Model (scale representation of Jerusalem in Temple times)  Shrine of the Book (Torah scrolls are kept), Yad Vashem .


In the evening: Torah Study at the Center for Progressive Judaism

Attend services at Harel Reform Congregation.


Day 5 Outskirts of Jerusalem


Overview of Elah Valley, Ein Sataf in the Sorek Canyon, Tel Shemesh ( Beth-shemesh)  Aijalon Valley,  Mini town Kh.Qeiyafa (site of recently discovered tenth-century inscription) Herodion


Day 6 The land of Benjamin


Tribal Territories of  Benjamin Visit wine and cheese farms in the Lachish area.


Day 7

Free day for Visit the markets (shooks) in Jerusalem for shopping


Day 8

Judean Desert

Dead sea, wallow in the mud or spread it, dead sea product factory, Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran.


Day 9 Jerusalem to Galilee

Wadi Kelt, Jordan Valley Road to Galilee, Beth-Shan, Jezreel Valley and Nazareth Ridge, Ein Harod, Tel Jezreel,  Mount of Precipice Nazareth


Day 10

Tiberius and around Galilee


Chorazin, Tabgha, Capernaum, Boat Ride and eat St Peter’s fish, Jordan River Park, Bethsaida ruins.


Day 11

Upper Galillee

Visit Safed and the cheese and wine makers of the Galilee, Mts. Of Naftali, lookout into Lebanon, Mt Arbel


Day 12

Golan Overview


Golan and Huleh Basin National Park, Tel Hazor, Tribal Territories of Dan Tel dan Banias/Caesarea-Philippi


Day 13

The Coast of Israel

Megiddo, Mount Carmel, Sharon plain, Caesarea on the sea


Day 14

Markets (shuks) and shopping in Tel Aviv, tour ancient Joppa


Day 15

Lachish Biblical Negev Tel Arad Tel sheva (Beer-sheva) Avdat Canyon Avdat


Day 16

Shabbat rest in Eilat attend synagogue worship at your hotel


Day 17

Cross over into Jordan, Visit Petra, overnight in Akaba Jordan


Day 18

Cross over into Israel, Solomons Pillars (Park Timna) Jeep tour in the Ramon Crater,


Day 19

Sderot lookout into Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod,


Day 20

Free day in Tel Aviv