Half day walking and public bus tours of Christian attractions of Jerusalem
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 Image Credit: Flickr, Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Touring Jerusalem's Christian Attractions


Tour No. 1. Highlights Tour. Starts at the Jaffa Gate and ends at the Wailing Wall. Includes the following sites:


1. Jaffa Gate

2. St. George's str. Coptic quarter.

3. Church of the Holy sepulchre

4. Via Dolorosa

5. Wailing Wall


Tour No. 2. Eastern Treasures. Starts at the Damascus Gate Light Railway Station and ends at the Wailing Wall. Bus 275 from East Jerusalem Bus Station to the Mt.of Olives. Includes the following sites:


1. View of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives

2. Palm Sunday Walk.

3. Dominus Flevit Church.

4. Garden of Gethsemane.

5. The Gate of Mercy.

6. View of the tombs of the kings in the Kidron Valley

6. Overview of the Southern Steps of the Temple

7. The Dung Gate

8. The Wailing Wall.


Tour No. 3. In the days of King David. Tour starts and ends at the Jaffa Gate.

1. David's Tower Museum.

2. Walls of Jerusalem from the Jaffa Gate to Mt. Zion

3. Room of the Last Supper.

4. David's Tomb.

5. Dormition Church.


Tour No. 4. Outside the Walls. Tour starts at the City Hall (Safra Square) and ends at Wailing Wall.

1. Herod's Family Tomb.

2. The Scottish Church

3. Mt. Zion

4. The House of Caifas

5. The Church of the Dormition.

6. The Wailing Wall.




Private tour: ₪150 per person

Duration: 3 hours. Price per participant.minimum 4 participants

Group tour: 600 ILS

Duration: 3 hours. Unlimited participants.

Season: all year. Price is for guiding only, does not include entrance fees and transport.