Tours to Haifa and Mt. Carmel
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Haifa, the city on the slopes of Mt. Carmel, is a modern, but beautiful city, preserving the old and creating new scenes with stunning architecture.


The home of Elijah the prophet, in a cave, can still be seen.


Take a walk with Leon, up to the top of Mt.Carmel to see the magnificent Panorama of Haifa.


Visit the spectacularly beautiful Bahai Gardens and the shrine.


Walk the narrow alleyways of the famous Wadi Nisnas, the valley in the middle of the city where Jews, Christians and Moslems live happily side by side.


Relax on one of Haifa's beautiful beaches.


Stop for a great fish meal at one of the many great fish restaurants of Haifa.


To join a walk with Leon or to order a private, custom designed tour, call Leon at 0523801867 or email