How to do it on your own


I will accompany you for a fee of ₪600 per day or 1/2 day

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Journey from Jerusalem:


I to the Holy sites around the Sea of Galillee

II to Qumran and the Dead Sea.


1 To Mt Beatitudes, Tabgha, Capernaum. How to get there by bus and walking or cycling


A. Bus to Mt of Beatitudes

3rd floor Central Bus station Jerusalem, Platform 20 Bus No. 962 to Tiberias. Get off at Tiberias, last stop. Journey takes about 2 hrs. Take bus 541 to Kiriat Shmona, get off at Mt. Beatitudes stop. Walk 1.3 Km to the Beatitudes Monastery.


B. Walk down the mount of Beatitudes to Tabgha.

Start your walk from the Gates of the monastery – walk downhill, along the perimeter wall of the monastery until you come to a green shed with farming equipment lying around, walk with the shed on your left, this is the path which passes through banana fields. Walk all the way down the mountain, about 20 minutes until you come to the main road, (road no 87, which follows the northern shore of the Sea of Galille, Walk westwards until you come to Tabgha, first you will pass Mensa Christi, if you come to the intersection you have gone too far. Tabgha is about 200 metres before the intersection of road 87 and road 90.


C. Walk along the shores of the Sea of Galilee from Tabgha to Capernaum.

Leave Tabgha and walk Eastward along the walking path back to Capernaum, about 1 km.


D. Return to Tiberias.

Walk to the intersection 87/90 turn South along road 90 to the bus stop about 200 mts here you can find bus 840, 541, to tiberias, then back to Jerusalem with 962

2. Qumran and the Dead Sea.

A. Bus 486 from the third floor Jerusalem bus station. Journey takes about 1 hr. Get off at Kibbutz Kalya which is about 500 mts from the site of Qumran. Walk uphill to the site.

3. Ein Gedi

A. Bus 486 or 487 or 444 from Jerusalem Central Station. Get off at Ein Gedi field school, or Ein Gedi parking. Some busses stop at the entrance to the park others stop at the parking place and you need to walk about 500 mts

4. Massada

A. As above get off at Massada

5. Mar Saba Monastery

Allow 3 hrs for the visit.

A. Bus 74 or 71 from King George Str. in the centre of Jerusalem, at top of Ben Yehudah Str, to Pilot's Hill (Givat Hatayasim) journey takes about 15min

B. Walk 10 min about 150 Metres to the Barrier.

C. Walk into the check point and enter Bethlehem.

Here you will find taxis (yellow) take any taxi or call Khalid, who is very reliable,

972 522 244 225. This should be arranged beforehand. Price should be 300 Israeli shekels. Journey takes about 1/2 hr.

He will take you to the monastery, wait for you (time about 1hr)

6. Church of the Nativity

A. As above (6) taxi fee ₪150, or if you visit Mar Saba there is no extra cost. Taxi will wait and return you to the barrier. Journey takes 15min. Time for visiting the Church usually 1/2 hr but it may take up to 2hrs depending on the crowd.


7. Shepherd's Field. (Catholic)

A. Usually the taxi will take you here at no extra cost